Journey into the history of Judaic art, take a live virtual group class, or bring Jeanette to speak at an event. 

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Live classes & workshops

Classes are personalized for your group, and range from 10-98 people. 

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Papercutting Workshop


Learn about the history of Jewish papercutting, tour Jeanette's studio, and make a papercut piece of art in this hands-on workshop. Jeanette has taught this papercutting workshop to more than 1000 people since April 2020. This is an informative and fun hour for everyone, even if you have never done any art. Jeanette provides the designs. Appropriate for adults and teens.

On Being a Judaic Artist


Jeanette takes you through the process of creating art for synagogues. From Torah mantles and Ark curtains to stained glass and mosaics, learn about art inside our synagogues and how the art is created. Jeanette has worked with more than 400 synagogues around the world. You will take a 5-minute tour of her studio and learn about many art forms, rituals, styles and interiors of synagogues. If your synagogue worked with Jeanette, she will teach about how she made your art.


Learn about the history of the Jewish marriage contract, the range of styles of ketubot and artists, and many ways you can make a ketubah.

Art of the Ketubah


Learn about the history of the Huppah, the Jewish marriage canopy. We examine styles of huppot and all the ways you can make a huppah.

Art of the Huppah


The history, artistry, and significance of this ancient and modern Jewish symbol. From the Temple in Jerusalem to the founding of the modern State of Israel, the seven-branched menorah has been a strong symbol of the Jewish people. In this one-hour class, Jeanette takes us through history and various forms as we explore the meaning and many variations on the Menorah.

The Menorah

Art of the Seder


Jeanette shares many new ideas on how to make your seder super interactive, artistic and engaging.


Pre-recorded Classes

In 2020, Jeanette recorded a series with called Journey into Judaic Art

Videos include: Art of the Huppah, Art for your Sedar, Art of the Ketubah, Jewish Needlepoint,

History and Artistry of the Menorah and The Art of Papercutting.

Artist in residence

Contact Jeanette if you are interested in an artist and scholar in residence program.

Below is a sample itinerary.


A graduate of Princeton and Yale Universities, Jeanette Kevin Oren completed a masters degree in public health and most of her PhD in epidemiology before devoting herself full time to Judaic commissioned art. Since 1984, Jeanette has worked with more than 400 synagogues, schools, community centers and camps across the world. She specializes in fiber art, calligraphy, paper cutting, and large installations glass, mosaic, metal, and paint. Jeanette makes Torah covers Ark curtains, Donor art, Huppot, Ketubot, and wall hangings. She has studios in Connecticut and Jerusalem. Jeanette and her husband, Dan Oren, have been married for 35 years. They are parents of two grown daughters, and "Oma" and "Sabba" to two wonderful grandchildren.  


Sample itinerary


Dan A. Oren, M.D. has worked for thirty years as a psychiatrist and faculty member at Yale University, the US National Institute of Mental Health, and the University of Rzeszow, Poland. His new book, "The Wedding Photo," chronicles the dramatic genealogical stories he discovered in researching his and his wife's unknown histories that resonate in current generations. The book also serves as a guide to pursuing one's own genealogical story. Oren has written "Joining the Club: A History of Jews and Yale," and co-authored "How to Beat Jet Lag: A Practical Guide for Air Travelers," as well as numerous scientific articles. He also teaches the following one-hour zoom courses, ""Do it yourself: Intro to doing Jewish Genealogy," A first step class for people interested in finding their own Jewish genealogy, and "Protecting the Surviving Jewish Heritage of Poland," a presentation about the beauty and meaning and still living Jewish connection to Poland. He is married to artist Jeanette Kuvin Oren.