Jeanette Kuvin Oren’s work usually involves meeting with committees from synagogues, JCC’s, and national organizations who commission her large wall hangings, mosaics, Torah covers, and Ark curtains. In the summer of 2020 Kuvin Oren asked herself “How could an artist help with the elections?” The minute Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate, Kuvin Oren thought “Baruch HaShem,” (Thank G-d). Her second thought was “B’ezrat Ha Shem,” (With G-d’s help). Then she went to her computer to design the B”H 2020 logo. She did not expect the outpouring—so many people shared her sense of hope when seeing the design. Within minutes of posting on Facebook, “the logo took off. Friends and friends-of-friends asked where they could get a tshirt, yard sign, or kippah with the B”H design on it.” By the beginning of November 2020, three billboards on I-95 and two "boat billboards" were purchased in South Florida with proceeds from sales of the B"H merchandise.

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