Commissioning Art: The Process

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Commissioning art is an exciting and interactive process!

Jeanette works with you to create unique, lasting, uplifting and beautiful Judaic art for your home, synagogue or organization.

  1. The synagogue, family, or organization discuss the parameters of the project with Jeanette. Jeanette shares examples of her work and talks through the basic ideas of the project. Meetings are by Facetime, Zoom, or in person. If necessary, a site visit* can be arranged. Site visits are usually not necessary.

  2. The synagogue, family, or organization hires Jeanette Kuvin Oren based on her previous body of work.

  3. Jeanette and client agree on prices for the items being commissioned, and a simple contract is signed.

  4. A one-third deposit is paid to Jeanette. (For smaller projects, a 50% deposit is required.)

  5. The client provides photographs and/or color swatches and any relevant samples of the interior. The committee/synagogue lets Jeanette know what ideas and themes they would like to see in the finished items. Discussions between artist and client happen as often as is necessary.

  6. Jeanette provides sketches of the items being commissioned and swatches of fabrics, glass or mosaic materials as needed. When appropriate, Jeanette also supplies images of the new designs superimposed over photos of existing Torahs, Ark, sanctuary or other location. Jeanette works with the committee until the design is approved.

  7. Once the designs are approved, Jeanette begins making the items.

  8. Half-way through the project the second-third of the total is paid to Jeanette.

  9. The finished items are delivered to the client and the balance is paid to Jeanette within one week of receipt of the finished items.

* Site visits are not included in the price. The fee for a visit is a per-hour fee, plus airfare and/or transportation costs and daily expenses.

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