Huppah Wedding Canopies

Jeanette has created this new line of huppot that are elegant and beautiful,
and significantly less expensive than her commissioned huppot.
• Huppot can be personalized with your names/date (FREE). 
• Jeanette can incorporate your favorite quotations into existing designs, or create a new design*.
• The background color of the "papercut" huppah design can be customized* to your color(s). 
• All designs are available with and without the Hebrew/English quotations.
• Huppot are prepared with ribbons in the corners.
• A rod-pocket can be added if you want to hang the huppah on a wall after the wedding*.
• Sheer fabrics: the design part is 50" x 50", plus a border all around.
• Non-sheer fabrics: the design can be as large as you would like.
• Order any size larger than 54" x 54" by selecting a special order box below. Select your design.
• Shipping within the U.S. is FREE.
• Family Tree huppot can be personalized with YOUR family's names and dates*.
*Additional fees apply
Wedding at the Flagler Museum, Palm Beach, FL 2019
Photo by Domino Arts 
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