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A graduate of Princeton and Yale Universities, Jeanette Kuvin Oren completed a masters degree in public health and most of her PhD in epidemiology before devoting herself full time to Judaic commissioned art and graphic design. Since 1984, Jeanette has created installation pieces for more than 400 houses of worship, schools, community centers and camps around the world. She specializes in glass, mosaic, metal, fiber art, calligraphy, papercutting, and painting. Jeanette makes Torah covers, Ark curtains, Donor Recognition Art, Huppot, Ketubot, Wall hangings and many other items for homes and institutions. Jeanette works with architects, professional and volunteer committees, fabricators, families, and institutions who commission her art. Jeanette designed the United States Postal Service 2022-24 Hanukkah stamp. Jeanette is married to Dan Oren, mother of two grown daughters and "Oma" to three grandchildren. 

After the introduction, Jewish art begins at the 14:00 minute.

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