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Donor Recognition & Art for Fundraising

Jeanette creates donor recognition art that engages the donors and enhances the space. Mosaics, glass art, fiber art, papercutting or limited edition prints can all be made to honor donors and enhance a building. Jeanette has many ideas for helping your fundraising campaign and thanking donors when the fundraising is done. 

Rededication — The Making of the Glass Art

Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus, Miami, 2022 (92" x 122")

Fabricated by Federico Scipioni, Stained Glass of Miami


Click on the volume bars to hear music.

Temple Emanuel, Newton, MA   (9 ft x 20 ft)  2019 

Seven Species Donor Recognition Wall i

Fabricated by Gary Rosenthal

Hand made glass, gold printed names,

copper and brass, enamel.

More examples of Donor Recognition Art

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