Jeanette's ongoing list of fun things to do and places to eat in Israel.  Let Jeanette know what she should add to her list!

Some favorite activities in Jerusalem...
  • Self-guided walking tours of neighborhoods. We love, especially, the Nahlaot and the Ramparts tours.

  • My dear friend Sheryl Sayah gives private Art and Food Tours around Jerusalem. She is also a docent at the Israel Museum. Sheryl is an outstanding caterer too. Ask me for Sheryl's contact info.

  • Rent a bike and bike the “Mesilla” (Train tracks) from the Tachana to the new Train Station in Malka… and beyond. The bike path is beautiful! You can loop around to the Knesset. Easiest to stay on the bike path and come back the same way. 

  • Machane Yehuda!! Nothing better. See some of the many fabulous restaurants below.

  • Hike (walk) in the new Gazelle Park. Lunch at Kaffit at the Botanical Gardens nearby.

  • Tour the Supreme Court.

  • If you haven’t done it in awhile, tour the Knesset. Fascinating. Bring passports! Make a reservation online.

  • Walk from Abu Tor to the Tayelet (promenade paths) to the US Embassy, and then around Arnona, then back thru Rehov Caspi to Abu Tor.

  • A bus leaves the Tachana parking lot every 20 minutes and takes you to the Old City. No need for a taxi to Old City.

  • Download the self-guided Ramparts Tour and walk along the Old City ramparts! You can now walk from Jaffa Gate to the Lion's Gate! new INFO

  • Great itinerary: self-guided tour of Nahlaot, lunch at Machane Yehuda, walk along Jaffa road to Mamilla, peak inside Waldorf Astoria, continue on to Old City, walk through Christian Quarter.

  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher has been renovated in the last few years. A must-see!

  • The Hurva Synagogue renovation is very cool. Take a tour.

  • Austrian Hospice (37 Via Dolorosa, in the Old City) sit outside and eat apple strudel

  • Climb to the top of the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in the Old City. Magnificent views!

  • Hutzot HaYotzer (the artist’s colony across from Jaffa Gate). Visit our friend David Moss and the cooperative he runs with Matt Berkowitz across the alley, the photographer Yaal Herman, and the other outstanding artists. 

  • Chocolate Workshop at Sweet n'Karem. Visit Ein Kerem, walk around this beautiful village outside Jerusalem, then learn how to make gourmet chocolates. The veggie/dairy cafe is excellent.


Eating in Jerusalem

  • This new restaurant specializes in Moroccan "street food" and is getting great reviews: Chechaouen, Rh' Hillel  

  • Ishtabach is our favorite casual restaurant in Israel. Very casual but scrumptious. Rehov HaShikma, next to Machane Yehuda. They open at noon, open thru dinner. Go early before it gets too crowded. One veggie selection, mostly meat.

  • Best hummus at Hummus Ben Sira, downtown, Ben Sira St 3, off Rehov Jaffa. Open until 2am.

  • Azura – hearty Iraqi food, quick service, FUN. Inexpensive. Iraqi Market at Machane Yehuda, 4 Ha’eshkol St

  • Touro at the Jerusalem Press Club is expensive but superb French North African food: below Mishkenot Shananim (walking distance from the luxury hotels). BEST view in Jerusalem. 

  • Jacko's is an excellent nice restaurant 

  • Eucalyptus is across from Jaffa Gate (in Hutzot Hayotzer). Unique delicious food, not as great a setting as Touro. Expensive. 

  • Visit the Tehina King inside the shuk, across from Halva King. Very cool. They grind the techina on a stone.

  • New!! Knafeh stand in Machane Yehuda. FRESHLY made Knafe! On the main drag, near Halvah King.

  • Jachnun. “Malawe” bread, casual sandwiches. 30 HaEgoz, Machane Yehudah. Great bar, good prices. 

  • Across from Machane, on Agripas: Joseph Burger Bar. Casual. Best hamburgers in Jerusalem! 

  • Pizza Flora - across street from Ishtabach (best pizza in Israel). Tiny place, delicious pizza. Corner of HaDekel and HaShikma

  • Basher is the best place for cheese and tastings. Inside Machane. They also have a restaurant near Machane Yehudah. 

  • Fishenchips. Delicious fresh fish, chips. 

  • Harvey’s Smoke House, new Kansas-City BBQ, Shim’on Ben Shatach St 7 (near Yoel Solomon)

  • Kadosh Cafe, BEST brunch in J-lm, Queen Shlomziyon St 6 (near Mamilla)

  • Pepito’s, Cuban Sandwiches in Machane Yehuda, Ha'Egoz 11, Mahane Yehuda. Cheap and DELICIOUS.

  • Pizza Bardak (across from the Inbal and Montefiore's Windmill). Casual. Beer and delicious pizza. Like “Bar” in New Haven.

  • Yehudit. If you like old-fashioned Israeli food (soups, kebab, salatim, etc) this is a great choice. Next to Machane Yehudah, recently renovated, they make their own pitot in a tabun on site. Delicious, nice, not expensive. Rehov Haarmonim 5

  • Modern, the restaurant at the Israel Museum. Excellent. Best deal is lunch (same food as dinner, but cheaper) or early dinner (by 5pm) for best prices.

  • Anna Ticho House, affiliated with the Israel Museum, located off Jaffa Road. Excellent Italian food in a beautifully renovated old house. Reviewed in the NYT. 

  • Aricha Sabich, 83 Agripas. You haven't lived until you've eaten sabich (fried eggplant, whole egg, vegetables, sauces in a pita sandwich). 

  • In my neighborhood, I like the restaurants behind the big yellow gas station on Derech Hevron: Japan, Roladin, HaBurganim, Meditah, etc. Meditah is quiet and has delicious meat dishes. A little pricey, but always delicious.

  • My husband's favorite falafel and hummus (with or w/o meat): Hummus Benchuck, Derech Bet Lehem 23 (in Baka). 

  • Friends just ate at this beer and wings place at Machane Yehudah and said it's fabulous: Hatch


At The Tachana (the old Train Station) on David Remez Street in Jerusalem:

  • Fiori Pasta Bar (outdoors, at the far end of the courtyard) is excellent. Dairy.

  • Station 9 - Thai and other Asian food (meat). Get the “bowls” or the “Bao” sandwiches and the drinks!

  • Lechem Basar (Bread/Meat) - Great hamburgers and other meat dishes

  • ReBar, the smoothie/yogurt place. Get lots of fruit in the GOAT yogurt shake. 

  • Souvenirs and beautiful home goods? Our friend Devora Charash sells her beautiful ceramics on Fridays (on a cart in the craft area).

Interesting shops in Jerusalem

  • Favorite clothing store in Jerusalem: Osfa (Rh’ Bet-Lehem, kitty-corner to Grand Cafe)

  • Best Gift Shop: Israel Museum (plus Hutzot Hayotzer, see above)

  • Nice boutiques on the alley next to Rh' Bezalel.

  • Interesting shop: Arab women’s embroidery cooperative: 02 6281377.  Call to make sure they’re still there.

Our favorite Shul in Jerusalem

  • We love our very friendly egalitarian Masorti congregation: Kehilat Ma'ayanot, Arnona HaTzeira Community Center, 11 Israel Eldad Street

Tel Aviv/Jaffa/Neve Tzedek

  • Mosaics with Mia  Mia Schon (a fabulous young woman originally from Boston) teaches mosaics in her studio and does huge community mosaic projects all over Israel. Inspirational, artsy and fun!

  • Four One Six – the best VEGAN restaurant in Tel Aviv. 

  • Sabich Frishman - Frishman St 42. If you haven't had a Sabich sandwich yet... you must!

  • Lara Roznovsky clothing, Amiad 14, Jaffa. Embroidered funky dresses. Pricey.

  • Walk up and down the streets named after rabbis (Pinchas, Hanina, Nachman). Awesome clothing, jewelry, art. Many fun places!

  • Eat at Dr. Shakshuka, Beit Eshel St 3. Casual and DELICIOUS!

  • Rent a bike along the tayelet in Tel Aviv and bike down to Jaffa and up to Herzliya. Or bike along the Yarkon River.

  • Walk to NEVE ZEDEK 

  • Among the many great design stores, go to Edition, 27 Shlush (home goods, design)

  • Gelato at Anita’s, Shabazi 40

  • No. 13 Concept store, Shabazi (clothing)

  • Designer Clothes Collection in Tel Aviv &, Herzliya

  • Meshek Barzilai Vegetarian gourmet in Neve Tzedek, Ahad Ha’am 6   03-516-6329


View from top of the Church of the Redeemer


Sweet n'Karem Chocolate Workshops in Ein Kerem


Self-guided tour of Nachlaot neighborhood


The bike path (HaMisella) around Jerusalem






Osfa Clothing Boutique


Hummus Benchuck, Derech Bet Lehem 23 (Baka, Jerusalem)


Mosaics with Mia