Prices for Commissioned Art

Ark Curtains — Parochet

$400-$450 per square foot

Ark Doors

Begin at $700/sq/ft

Bima & Reading Covers


Embroidered Dedications

$300 +

Family Tree, Custom

Beg. at $2000

Family Tree, Print


Huppah, Custom

$350-$450 per sq ft


Beg. at $3600


Begin at $500/sq/ft

Torah Covers

$2000-$4800 each

Papercutting, Custom

Beg. at $800

Wall hanging

$450 per sq ft

On Sale Now

* Prices are approximate.

  • Techniques, size, geographic location, shipping and installation can all affect the price. 

  • Not included in commission prices: site visits, shipping, framing