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Commissioning Art: The Process

  1. The synagogue, family, or organization discuss the parameters of the project with Jeanette. Jeanette shares examples of her work and talks through the basic ideas of the project. Meetings are by Facetime, Zoom, or in person. If necessary, a site visit* can be arranged. Site visits are usually not necessary.

  2. Jeanette Kuvin Oren is hired based on her previous body of work.

  3. Jeanette and client agree on prices and a simple contract is signed.

  4. A one-third deposit is paid to Jeanette. (For smaller projects, a 50% deposit is required.)

  5. The client provides photographs and/or color swatches and any relevant samples. The committee/synagogue tells Jeanette the ideas and themes they would like to see in the finished items. Discussions between artist and client happen as often as is necessary.

  6. Jeanette provides sketches of the items being commissioned plus swatches of fabrics, glass or mosaic materials as needed. Jeanette also supplies images of the new designs superimposed over photos of existing Torahs, Ark, sanctuary or other location.

  7. Jeanette works with the committee until the design is approved.

  8. Once the designs are approved, Jeanette begins making the items.

  9. Half-way through the project the second-third of the total is paid to Jeanette.

  10. The finished items are delivered to the client and the balance is paid to Jeanette within one week of receipt of the finished items.

* Site visits are not included in the price. The fee for a visit is usually airfare and/or transportation costs and daily expenses.

Commissioned Art


Jeanette works with architects and committees to unify the artful focus and Judaic content of their sanctuary. She designs and fabricates — or oversees the fabrication of — Ner Tamids (eternal light), Ark Curtains and Doors, Torah covers, Wall hangings, Glass Doors and Windows, Mosaics, Tile walls, and Donor Recognition. Jeanette works with committees to select synagogue furniture, carpeting, upholstery, and installations specific to the needs of the synagogue. 


Jeanette works with nationally renowned glass artists to create unique windows, wall art, and donor recognition for Judaic settings. Jeanette’s first windows were commissioned by the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School (Rockville, Maryland): four windows in the Lower School Beit Midrash, and eight circular windows in the Upper School Beit Midrash. Recently Jeanette has created large glass windows and Ark doors using a new technique of fiber art and film. When you commission Jeanette to create windows the price includes design, fabrication, and installation of the glass. You will need only to be in contact with Jeanette, who will manage the entire project — from conceptualization through installation.​


Since 1998, Jeanette has been working with the premier fabricator of mosaics in the U.S., Stephen Miotto. Jeanette works with your organization to create a detailed painting of the mosaic; Stephen makes the mosaic out of glass, gold and silver, ceramic, marble, and Jerusalem stone. Stephen installs the project. The mosaic can be a unique and beautiful piece of art that also functions as a Donor Wall. Recent mosaic projects incorporate tile art, a less expensive option for durable and unique art. When you commission Jeanette, the cost usually includes design, fabrication, engraving and installation. You will need only to be in contact with Jeanette, who will manage the entire project — from conceptualization through installation.


Jeanette Kuvin Oren is known throughout the U.S., Canada, South America and Israel for her fabric art. Jeanette works with the committee, synagogue, family, and/or donors on Torah covers, Ark curtains, Wall-hangings and Huppot. Jeanette listens to the spiritual and aesthetic needs of each group and setting. Jeanette dyes all the silks, and works with a variety of fabrics and techniques. Jeanette will listen first, paint a “sketch” of the project, and execute the project in a timely fashion. ​


Jeanette’s “roots” are in calligraphy, painted illumination, and papercutting. She has made ketubot for hundreds of couples who were marrying and celebrating anniversaries. Jeanette can create a unique calligraphed and papercut gift in any style, from abstract and contemporary, to Persian, Spanish, or Italian in design. Family Trees have become an especially popular gift for the couple who “has everything.” When you give Jeanette your family information, she creates a personalized papercut and painted family tree that is backed with hand-painted silk.


In addition to her one-of-a-kind art, Jeanette offers several signed limited-edition lithographic prints.  Limited edition prints include: Priestly Blessing, Family Blessing, Prayer for a Physician, B’ruchmin Habaim, and Prayer for Parents. The prints range in price from $60 to $200. 



Jeanette has worked with dozens of camps, day schools and synagogues as an artist-in-residence. Most visits by Jeanette include a slide lecture about her work, followed by a hands-on community project. Examples include a mosaic made by campers at Camp Ramah (Palmer), a large wall-hanging painted in Lancaster, PA, a wall-hanging made by students and faculty at the Orlando Jewish Day School, and a Torah cover made by students at Ezra Academy in Woodbridge, CT.  She and her husband, Dr. Dan Oren, were featured presenters at Limmud (Winnipeg) 2013. Speak with Jeanette about ideas you have for programming.


Jeanette works with non-profit organizations and small businesses to create "branding" that is modern and elegant.

Jeanette's art is used on covers of books and magazines, on cards and marketing materials. She is skilled in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

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