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Supply List
Papercutting Workshop with Jeanette Kuvin Oren

  1. Print the Papercut Template pdf on your home printer with your regular paper (the design we will be making) . We will cut this design together in the workshop. 

  2. #11 Xacto hobby knife and blade. It does not have to be a name brand, but it should have a #11 blade. Knives can be purchased at Amazon, Staples, Target and at most hardware stores. 

  3. A self-healing cutting mat or a a piece of cardboard for putting under your papercut while you cut. Cardboard should be thick enough to protect the surface of your table from the blade. The thin white cardboard that comes in shirt packages is good. A self-healing mat is best.

  4. After you've finished, you'll need backing paper or cardstock (any color you like) to go behind your finished papercut. You can also use paint on white paper to create nice backgrounds. Jeanette will talk about background options during class. You don't need the colored paper during the class.

  5. Glue stick or Elmer's glue (not needed during the class). 

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