Blessing for Daughter 028

Blessing for Daughter 028


Blessing for a Daughter. May God make you like Sarah, Rachel, Rachel and Leah. This design is PERSONALIZED with any name in the center. Jeanette has created this papercutting template so you can hand make art for the home. Cut on the black lines, remove the gray areas, and you will have a beautiful papercut work of art. Back your finished papercut with colored paper or fabric (not included) for your handmade work of art! The pdf you download after purchasing will print backwards, so the drawn lines are on the BACK of your printed paper.  Fits into 8 x 8 inch frame or larger.

  • Backing your Papercut

    This is an example of a background color.  The color background is up to you! 

  • Personalization

    Send Jeanette the name going in the center of the design. She will send you the template.